President’s Update – June 2018

I am happy to report on the tremendous success of our first ever Conference, which took place last month. The Conference, jointly sponsored by all the Guilds of Western New York, was focused on multiple issues affecting all those who practice the art of medicine while trying to adhere to Catholic principles. Over 100 attendees
were enriched by the insights of our speakers, Father McTeigue, Wesley Smith and Drs. Anne Nolte and Thomas Carroll. We are grateful for their insights regarding conscience protection, spiritual concerns, women’s fertility and end of life care.

The evaluations by those in attendance were uniformly positive. There are no other local organizations, besides our Guilds, positioned to address the many moral issues our Society faces regarding protection of the dignity of each and every human being by our health care delivery system. The audience appreciated our efforts to promote the infinite value of the human person, in contrast to a modern culture that seems to march to a steady drumbeat of the exaltation of personal autonomy and relativism.

We would be remiss if we did not express our sincere appreciation for the support and guidance of our Bishops. His Excellency, Salvatore Matano, Bishop of Rochester, celebrated the White Mass to a full crowd following the Conference. Knowing our mission is centered on the absolute Truth, Way and Life of Jesus Christ gives us hope and strength. Our Bishops remind us of our vision of imitating Jesus Christ in our personal and professional lives.

Mario Dickerson, MTS, Executive Director of the Catholic Medical Association, was invited to address us concerning the mission of the CMA. The growth of the CMA has been extraordinary over the recent past. The organization is positioned to address our concerns on a national level and support the growth of the regional Guilds.

The Finger Lakes Guild is committed to supporting all members of the Health Care community seeking to adhere to Catholic values. This recent Conference was evidence of that commitment. Please keep us in your prayers and be sure to include any future events on your calendars.