A Death End-Around

It seems that there is no end to the… creativity… of those looking to harvest organs* from those who are not-quite-dead (i.e., not dead at all).

Thank you to Dr. Meaney at the NCBC for his discussion of a new use for Normothermic Regional Perfusion…organ procurement from those who are pretty clearly not dead.

This is extremely disturbing… and… worth reading!

*We are all for organ donation. Please consider being an organ donor. The problem here is the push to take organs from people who are NOT dead. See also our recent post regarding proposed changes to the definition of so-called brain death.

Brain Death Definition Proposed Changes = Bad Idea

We agree with the US Bishops and the NCBC that the currently proposed changes to the definition of brain death is a very bad idea!

This is a complicated topic, though the complicated nature of the topic seems largely due to a desire to create this definition in the first place. Dr. Sulmasy provides an excellent discussion of the issues related to brain death here.