Terminal Anorexia

Their primary concern is:

ANAD fears that this label could be used as a justification for providers to offer medical aid in dying and overlook the fact recovery remains possible even after decades of chronic illness.

This is a very reasonable/real concern. We need to remember that while it may not be true of all supporters of PAS, there are those who truly think at need to be facilitating the killing of people who are suffering…in ever-larger numbers.

If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, please seek help. ANDA has a helpline and treatment directory. It can also contact MyCatholicDoctor for help from Catholic therapists licensed in many States.

Life-Limiting Prenatal Diagnoses and Beauty

While it is sad that this study was initiated with what seems to be an unquestioned assumption that it is, unusual, to “continue pregnancy after a life-limiting prenatal diagnosis”…we are very happy to see this result:

While we might choose a term like, “integral beauty” (the beauty of life is not some accident but rather is integral to life itself)…it is wonderful that this qualitative study included as an outcome, “…feelings of gratitude towards life…”

Hopefully this will picked up on by these and other researchers in the future!