Pro-Choice or Pro-Abortion?

Over the years we have often heard those on the “other side” of the abortion debate make the claim that they are “Pro-Choice, not Pro-Abortion.” These folks generally argue that they would be happy if there were zero abortions…and…that abortion should always be an option.

We have every reason to believe that a given individual who takes this position is being sincere…and…we hope that such people understand that they are helping to advance the cause of those who are truly and zealously Pro-Abortion.

Take a look at this article from The Pillar, noting in particular the actions of Pro-Abortion states like New York and California. There is no reasonable interpretation other than those behind such diabolical government actions WANT abortions to occur. Period.

Keep this in mind next time you hear someone claim to be “Pro-Choice, not Pro-Abortion.” Hopefully consideration of their cooperation in the success of the truly evil Pro-Abortion movement will lead them to become Pro-Life!

Roe Fallout

In response to the, possible(!), overturning of Roe v Wade

Governor Hochul has announced an immediate appropriation of $35 million for abortion services in New York as part of her ongoing campaign to make the state a “sanctuary” for women seeking the procedure. At a time when families are struggling with an affordability crisis, it is unconscionable that taxpayer dollars would be used in a way that violates the conscience of so many pro-life New Yorkers. Urge the Governor to reverse course and use this funding to support women and their babies, instead of to promote and encourage abortion.

The NYS Catholic Conference makes it easy to share your opinion with Gov Hochul here.

Please take just a few moments to weigh in on this important issue!

(Possibly) Overturning Roe v Wade

If true, and we pray it is(!), this is the answer the literally billions of prayers uttered in defense of life over the past 49 years.

Please keep in mind both that this is a leaked story and may or may not prove to be true…and…sadly, for all but about 13 states this decision will have no immediate effect, especially here in NY given the extreme laws passed over the years.

We will continuing to pray for Pro-Life victories, large and small!

We would also be remiss if we did not point to the fact that abortion is a significant part of the spiritual battle being waged by Satan against God and his Church.

“Abortion is the Antichrist’s demonic parody of the Eucharist. That is why it uses the same holy words, ‘This is my body,’ with the blasphemously opposite meaning.”Peter Kreeft