Guild Partners

The Finger Lakes Guild is committed to building partnerships with like-minded organizations in Rochester and beyond.

Please visit our Partners below!

If your organization would like to partner with the Guild, please contact us here!

St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry – We seek to address our students in the entirety of their humanity through due attention to the pastoral, spiritual, and human pillars of their formation with the hope that we may, in a definite and dedicated way, assist our students to understand deeply the things of our Faith and to incarnate them in their day-to-day service of God’s people and the world as a whole.

LifeROC – Building a culture of life. Our goal is to provide an integrated approach to education, prayer, advocacy and support for Human Life. At LifeRoc, you are not alone!

National Association of Catholic Nurses, USA – As we continue to share our faith and values with each other, and with other healthcare providers, we simultaneously reach outward to the larger Church and also our communities, as we offer support to those in need.