Pro-Choice or Pro-Abortion?

Over the years we have often heard those on the “other side” of the abortion debate make the claim that they are “Pro-Choice, not Pro-Abortion.” These folks generally argue that they would be happy if there were zero abortions…and…that abortion should always be an option.

We have every reason to believe that a given individual who takes this position is being sincere…and…we hope that such people understand that they are helping to advance the cause of those who are truly and zealously Pro-Abortion.

Take a look at this article from The Pillar, noting in particular the actions of Pro-Abortion states like New York and California. There is no reasonable interpretation other than those behind such diabolical government actions WANT abortions to occur. Period.

Keep this in mind next time you hear someone claim to be “Pro-Choice, not Pro-Abortion.” Hopefully consideration of their cooperation in the success of the truly evil Pro-Abortion movement will lead them to become Pro-Life!