New Gender Study

This is the first study to look at all cause morality (and suicide-related mortality) as a function of transgender treatment while controlling for psychiatric disease.

The conclusion is that, given the same number of visits to a psychiatrist, those who were visited a transgender program in Finland were no more likely to die (all cause or by suicide) than those who had not visited such a center. Further, among those who did visit a transgender center, being treated for so-called gender reassignment did NOT lead to a lower likelihood of death.

While only one study, this is BIG!

We suspect this will prove to be only the first drop in an eventually very large sea of empiric evidence that attempting to change one’s body to match a feeling of gender is not the answer.

Given these data, it is only all the more important that we reach out to those suffering from gender dysphoria to offer loving support. The politicization of this issue has, as politicization always does, leaves individual human beings stuck in the middle.

St. Joseph, pray for us!