Coming Soon to California – Euthanasia

For all of those Assisted Suicide slippery-slope-skeptics out there…the slippery slope is a real thing! Exhibit A – California…

Now it’s time to improve the law, Brody said, “with the political courage to take on the vested interests who didn’t want this law in the first place, who don’t want the law now and who have demanded these so-called safeguards,” he said.

“These ‘safeguards’ have turned out to be barriers,” he said.

The lawsuit filed in CA claims that the state’s Assisted Suicide law unjustly discriminates against people who are physically unable to self-administer the medications meant to end their lives. This is significant because of the “safe guards” often used to sell us laws is that we would never allow something as terrible as euthanasia…not here in America!…they say. And now here we are.

Whether or not this lawsuit succeeds, there are sure to be similar legal challenges in other states with Assisted Suicide laws on the books. Eventually one of them is likely be successful.

And when that one is successful, the next lawsuit will claim that its unjustly discriminatory to preclude those who are unconscious from being able to die when they clearly would have wanted…and what about those with dementia…even if they don’t remember they want to die need to be held down…and those poor kids who are suffering and would clearly be better off dead…and that way lies monsters!

I pray that my fellow New Yorkers will keep this in mind when voting for our representatives in the State Assembly and Senate.

Thank you to Barbara Lyons of the Patients Rights Action Fund for helping us keep up to date on these important developments!