Frequently Asked Questions

When are the morally clear vaccine be available?

What about vaccines for school aged children?

As a faithful Catholic, can I obtain a religious exemption from accepting COVID vaccination?

What’s the deal with these new vaccines from AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson?

Do COVID-19 vaccinations have “body parts” from aborted babies?

  • This is a question we’ve been receiving recently. The answer is “No,” none of the vaccines contain any physical material taken directly from an aborted baby. Rather, those vaccines with some association with abortion use cells derived from aborted babies. This means specific types of cells from an aborted baby have been cultured (i.e., “grown”) in a laboratory, most since the 1970’s or 1980’s.
  • From a physical standpoint, this is different than something like, for example, a bone marrow transplant. In that case, it is the actual cells from the donor that are physically injected into the recipient’s blood stream.
  • In the case of COVID-19 vaccines it is, however, true that those cells being grown in culture are morally linked to that aborted baby. It is this fact that is at issue in the discussions currently taking place and is addressed in our statement linked above.

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